Andrew Harrop

Andrew   Harrop                  

This project is brought to you by members of the Classics Department at Leicester Grammar School. Our aim is to develop an introduction to Classical Greek for younger readers which is freely accessible online. The project will follow the story of a family living in Athens between the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars. It will see life through the eyes of children as well as adults, and will incorporate suggestions from our pupils.

To navigate through the storyline in Greek, begin with Meet the family (1-10), then Life in Athens (1-10), before moving on to The wider world (1-10). Over the coming months we shall continue the story with Growing pains (1-6) followed by War (1-8), which will be based on passages adapted from Thucydides.

Please be patient, since it will take time for the project to develop. We have deliberately simplified some points; others have been simplified by the constraints of technology. The project is intended to be an additional resource rather than a replacement for existing courses. In the background there will always need to be a good teacher.

Constructive comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome, and can be emailed to: harropa@leicestergrammar.org.uk

Anastasia Vassilou-Abson

Anastasia Vassilou-Abson

Robert McLean

Robert McLean

Mireya Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Mireya Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Jonno Walker

Jonno Walker


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