The end of empire?

You might be interested in details of the following lecture to be given by Tom Holland on Monday 13 June.

Tom will be talking on ‘The end of the Roman empire: a mirror for our times?’ on the evening of 13 June at the Royal Society’s Welcome Trust Lecture Theatre in London.
As we all know from the Roman Empire,” said the Dutch Prime Minister late last year, “big empires go down if the borders are not well-protected.” As Western Europe faces the largest influx of people across its borders since Otto the Great’s defeat of the Magyars in 955, Tom Holland asks what light, if any, the so-called Age of Migrations can shed on today’s crisis. Are there parallels? What are the differences?

If you are interested, go to .

This is an annual fundraising lecture for Classics for All, the charity that seeks to extend access to Classical teaching in UK schools. A teacher and pupils from CfA’s Capital Classics project will be saying a few words after Tom’s lecture, and there will also be a wine reception.

If you want to know more about Classics for All’s work, or are interested in applying for a grant (or giving a donation!), go to


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