Growing pains (3)

Growing pains (3) 

The Spartans meanwhile finding the war against the rebels in Ithome likely to last, invoked the aid of their allies, and especially of the Athenians, who came in some force under the command of Cimon… The first open quarrel between the Spartans and Athenians arose out of this expedition. The Spartans, when assault failed to take the place, apprehensive of the enterprising and revolutionary character of the Athenians, and further looking upon them as of alien extraction, began to fear that if they remained, they might be tempted by the besieged in Ithome to attempt some political changes. They accordingly dismissed them alone of the allies, without declaring their suspicions, but merely saying that they had now no need of them. (Thucydides 1. 102)

‛ο δε Αριστων ουποτε εξ αρχης επιλησεται την αγωγην. ‛ο μεν γαρ παιδονομος διειπων τους κανονας ενεβαλε αυτον εις την αγελην, ‛ο δε Αριστων σφοδρα εποθεσε τον οικον. πολλακις γαρ ασιτος τε και ψυχρος ην και ‛η στιβας σκληρα.

εξ αρχης – from the beginning
επιλησεται – will forget
‛ο κανων – rule
‛η αγελη – group
εποθεσε – missed
‛ο οικος – home, family
πολλακις – often
ασιτος – hungry
ψυχρος – cold
‛η στιβας – bed of reeds
σκληρος – hard


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