Greek Day in Aberdeen

Saturday 7 May 2016
The Aberdeen Scottish Hellenic Society, on behalf of the four Hellenic Societies in Scotland and the Friends of the British School at Athens, is hosting a one day event in Aberdeen on Saturday 7 May 2016.

The format will be similar to the very successful event held in Edinburgh in 2014. The programme will be a mixture of ancient and modern themes. Two of the speakers who have already confirmed are Professor Paul Cartledge, Emeritus A G Leventis Professor of Greek Culture, and David Parfitt, a distinguished artist, who will be talking on painting in Macedonia and Crete.

In addition to the day time talks, we will be organising a social evening on the Saturday which will include a performance by three superb musicians from Athens (Giorgios Tsimbouksis, Nickos Sariyannis and Lambrini Gioti) who have been hugely popular guests of the Aberdeen Society for a number of years.

We are intending to have other associated activities, probably including a visit to the University of Aberdeen Museum and a walking tour of Old Aberdeen. Further information will be given when the details are finalised.

Please put the date in your diary now. Expressions of interest (without obligation) would be very welcome so that we can get some idea of possible numbers.

Please also pass on this information to anyone else you know may be interested. Personal recommendations are very helpful in encouraging people to attend.

For any further information, contact Hamish Wilson at


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