Another Greek course

A new textbook, Polis: Speaking Ancient Greek as a Living Language, Level One, is now available!

Audio files for each chapter can be found on Polis’ website.
Please look for these links to purchase your copy of the book:
Amazon US student’s volume
Amazon US teacher’s volume
Amazon UK student’s volume
Amazon UK teacher’s volume
The book has two volumes, one for students and one for teachers. The teacher’s volume can also be used by self-taught students, who will take on the role of both student and teacher. The goal of this book is to enable the student to read ancient Greek without the use of a dictionary or translation, and to read as fluently as one could read in French or Spanish. For educational purposes, ancient Greek is treated as a living language in this text.

Polis applies teaching methods commonly used for modern language acquisition to ancient Greek: total oral immersion, total physical response (TPR), gradual complexity of dialogs and stories, and gradual grammatical progression. Whether used by a self-taught individual or by an instructor with a group of students, this first level book submerges the student within the language.
Please contact<> if you have any questions.


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