The wider world (9)

The wider world (9)

εν δε τη˛ Σπαρτη˛ ‛ο τε Λεων και ‛η γυνη Χιλονις φροντιζουσι του παιδος Αριστωνος. ‛ο δε μαλιστα ‛επτα ετων εστι και δη ολιγον ‛υστερον της αγωγης μεθεξει. ταχυς μεν βαδιστης εστι, ου δε ισχυροτατος. ‛ο Λεων γυμναζει τον Αριστωνα ακοντιζειν. ‛αμα ‛ομου φροντιζει του αγωνος του των επικουρων.

So let each man bite his lip and abide firm-set astride upon the ground, covering with the belly of his broad buckler thighs and legs below and breast and shoulders above; let him brandish the massy spear in his right hand, let him wave the dire crest upon his head; let him learn how to fight by doing doughty deeds, and not stand shield in hand beyond the missiles. Nay, let each man close the foe, and with his own long spear, or else with his sword, wound and take an enemy, and setting foot beside foot, resting shield against shield, crest beside crest, helm beside helm, fight his man breast to breast with sword or long spear in hand. (Tyrtaeus)
‛η γυνη – wife
φροντιζουσι – are concerned about (+ gen)
μαλιστα ‛επτα ετων – nearly seven
ολιγον ‛υστερον – soon
‛η αγωγη – agoge (Spartan state education system)
μεθεξει – he will join
βαδιστης – runner
ισχυρος – strong
γυμναζει – trains
ακοντιζειν – to throw a javelin
‛αμα ‛ομου – at the same time
επικουρος – ally


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