Sophia says: Understand pronouns

Sophia says: Understand pronouns
As in English, pronouns are often used in place of nouns.

If the sense is clear, the definite article is often used as a possessive pronoun: επορευομην μετα του πατρος = I travelled with my father

The genitive of αυτος is used as a third person possessive pronoun: αυτου, αυτης, αυτου = his, her, its (when these are not reflexive); ελυσα τον δουλον αυτου = I set free his slave

αυτος may also be used in the following ways (note the importance of word order in these examples):

‛ο ανηρ αυτος = the man himself
‛ο αυτος ανηρ = the same man
In any case except the nominative to mean him, her, it, them

Some demonstrative pronouns are regularly used: ‛οδε = this, ‛ουτος = this, εκεινος = that

The indefinite pronoun is regularly used, and the same word is also common as an adjective: τις, τι = someone, something, a certain


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