Sophia says: Know the Greek middle

Sophia says: Know the Greek middle
As well as active and passive voices, many Greek verbs have a middle voice. Its tenses are the same as those of the passive, except for the future and aorist tenses (e.g. λυσομαι, ελυσαμην).

The middle voice is often used with a reflexive quality to describe actions which affect the subject:
λυομαι τους αιχμαλωτους – I ransom the prisoners
φερομαι αθλον – I win a prize

It may also be similar in function to deponent verbs in Latin:
αυλιζομαι – I encamp
βουλευομαι – I deliberate
μαχομαι – I fight
οργιζομαι – I grow angry
παυομαι – I cease from (+ gen.)
πειθομαι – I obey (+ dat.)
πορευομαι – I march


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