Life in Athens (10)

Life in Athens (10)

τη˛ δε ‛υστεραια˛ ‛ο Θεοδωρος εφοιτα εις διδασκαλου οικον. εγραφε τε και εμαθε τα του ‛Ομηρου επη τα περι του Πατροκληος. ευ δη ανεγνωκε τα επη. ‛ο ουν διδασκαλος χαιρει.

But when, like a god, you charged at them again, Patroclus, then your fate loomed in sight. For Apollo met you, terrible in combat. Apollo advanced, veiled in a dense mist, invisible to Patroclus in the tumult, stood behind him and struck him on the back with the flat of his hand. The warrior’s vision span as Apollo knocked the helmet from his head, sending it under the horses’ feet with a clang, and the plumes on its crest were streaked with blood and dust. The gods had never allowed it to be fouled till then, that horsehair-plumed helmet which protected the godlike brow and head of Achilles: now Zeus let Hector wear it for a while, since death was nearing him too.

‛ο δε Θεοδωρος απελιπε τον διδασκαλου και προς την Ακροπολιν εβαδιζε. επειτα δε εφοιτα προς το Ασκληπειον ‛ου ευχετο πολλα αγαθα τω˛ φιλω˛. καπρος γαρ ετρωσε τον φιλον. δια χρονου ηλθε εις την παλαιστραν.

τη˛ δε ‛υστεραια˛ – the following day
εφοιτα – went
το επος – word
‛ο Πατροκλος – Patroclus (close friend of Achilles)
ανεγνωκε – read

απελιπε – left
το Ασκληπειον – shrine of Asclepius (god of healing)
ευχετο – prayed for
αγαθος – good
‛ο καπρος – boar
ετρωσε – wounded
δια χρονου – after a while


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