Exypnos explains: The meaning of number

The Greek word αριθμος means number (hence arithmetic). Here are some Greek numbers:

‛εις, μια, ‛εν – one
δυο – two
τρεις, τρια – three
τεσσαρες, τεσσαρα – four
πεντε – five
‛εξ – six
‛επτα – seven
οκτω – eight
εννεα – nine
δεκα – ten

Notice how many of these numbers are used in English words like tripod, pentathlon, octopus and decade.

‛εκατον – 100
χιλιοι – 1000
μυριοι – 10000

A hecatomb was a sacrifice of 100 cattle on special occasions. The word myriad is used to refer to countless numbers.

Exypnos the cockerel

Exypnos the cockerel


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