Pandora’s stories: Dionysus



The god of transformation, and of things we feel but cannot always explain, Dionysus was the son of Zeus and Semele, a mortal. Because Hera (Zeus’s wife) made Semele doubt that Zeus was the father, Semele insisted that Zeus appear to her as a god, which killed her. Zeus rescued the unborn Dionysus by sewing him into his thigh, from where he was born a few months later.

Dionysus was raised by Hermes, god of trickery (amongst other things). As he grew up he discovered how to extract juice from the vine, a skill which he also taught to the peoples of Asia during travels which took him as far east as India.

Dionysus has brought us many wonderful gifts, most notably wine and the theatre, but be careful not to upset him or the consequences can be terrible.

The theatre, Epidauros

The theatre, Epidauros


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