Sophia says: Check the tense and person

Sophia the donkey

Sophia the donkey

Sophia says: Check the tense and person

You have now met two tenses (present and imperfect), and will soon meet a third (future). Notice how in the future tense σ is added between the stem and the person endings, which are the same as in the present tense – this should make it easy to recognise.

λυσω         I shall set free

λυσεις      you will set free

λυσει         s/he will set free

λυσομεν   we shall set free

λυσετε      you (pl) will set free

λυσουσι    they will set free

In the imperfect tense you will find an augment ε- in front of the stem, which indicates one of the past tenses. The person endings in the imperfect tense are different from the present and future tenses.

ελυον        I was setting free

ελυες        you were setting free

ελυε          s/he was setting free

ελυομεν   we were setting free

ελυετε      you (pl) were setting free

ελυον        they were setting free


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