Pandora’s stories: Apollo

Delphi - home of the oracle

Delphi – home of the oracle

If you are a god, many things are possible. When he was four days old, Apollo had to protect his mother Leto from the giant Python which was pursuing her and also terrorising the people of Delphi. Using a bow and arrows he had been given by Hephaestus, Apollo killed Python and saved his mother and the people.

To commemorate his victory, Apollo adopted the oracle at Delphi (which gave prophecies about the future) and appointed a priestess named Pythia. Because the gods knew that knowledge of the future might not always be good for mortals, the prophecies were sometimes ambiguous.

Apollo is also a god of healing and music. Music is very important to the Greeks: they use it as part of religious festivals, for dancing and singing, for reciting poetry and in drama, and to accompany soldiers in war.




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