Sophia says: Find the verb

Sophia the donkey

Sophia the donkey

Sophia says: Find the verb

Notice how most sentences have a verb. In Greek, the verb is normally in the same place in the sentence as in English. You have already met two kinds of verb:


-ει is …ing (e.g. καθευδει  is sleeping/sleeps)

Verbs have tenses (when) and persons (who). The present tense of the two types of verb you have met goes like this:

The verb I am – Present Tense

ειμι         I am

ει            you are

εστι       s/he is

εσμεν     we are

εστε       you are

εισι        they are

Verbs in -ω (first conjugation) – Present Indicative Active

λυω          I set free

λυεις        you set free

λυει         s/he sets free

λυομεν     we set free

λυετε        you (plural) set free

λυουσι      they set free



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